Laurence Films, Inc. is a full-service New York-based company dedicated to excellence in filmmaking. We do both production and post production. Our projects range from music videos, corporate videos, documentaries, television pilots, and other work.
Our experience, creativity, expertise, equipment, facilities and talented staff make us the ideal choice for clients seeking to transform their concepts and imagination into a visual reality.


Laurence Wallace, the founder of Laurence Films Inc., has worked on numerous music videos, documentaries, promotional videos and television pilots. He has a keen eye for detail and composition in filming and editing. He understands the importance of pacing and structure with video projects. Laurence was an associate producer with CNN for six years and worked in broadcast journalism for nine years.

What we do:

We produce the highest quality HD video, using the most cutting-edge equipment on the market today. We deliver polished projects for our clients that meet industry standards for broadcast television, the specifications for film festival submissions or for uploading to various platforms. At Laurence Films, Inc., we understand what it takes to stay ahead in today’s competitive film industry.

Why us:

We are totally focused on your vision, needs and goals. We assist you in planning case studies and work with you in developing budgets and scheduling. Our mission is to enable you to achieve the necessary visual impact and exposure through the medium of your choice in order to reach your target audience.

We understand that the process of translating an idea for a film or video into a reality can sometimes seem overwhelming. But our technical expertise, skills and leading experience managing the practical and logistical aspects of film projects, allow you to remain fully focused on developing your ideas and inspiration. We establish creative collaborations that foster innovation and originality.

Our Production Services:

We assist you with every aspect and stage of your production. Our teamwork concept entails providing you with a crew of superior directors of photography, lighting designers, audio engineers, artistic directors, set designers, location scouts, makeup artists, stylists, on-set photographers, script supervisors, continuity directors, and anything else your project may require.

Our Philosophy:

We understand that filmmaking and video editing is an Art in which creativity and originality intersect with technical skills and knowledge. We are convinced that the most effective way to reach, impact and communicate with audiences throughout the world today is visually – through the art of filmmaking.